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The Wall Street Mall in Dunedin brings you boutique shopping with internationally loved
brands in an elegant, enclosed and gracious shopping space.




Wall Street Mall - Dunedin's Most Exciting Shopping Experience:

This site is the internet gateway to the exciting doings on Dunedin's Wall Street Mall.

Heres where you can keep in touch with what Dunedin's Wall Street Retail Shops are up to.

Click on 'BIZ', choose the retail shop you want and link to their home page within the portal.

Get to the current info & promotions that these guys are providing on their virtual world.




Wall Street Mall is a modern take on the traditional retail mall experience

  • Wall Street your fashion Street is in the heart of the CBD Dunedin.
  • It is the most beautiful space under a huge glass atrium.
  • Wall Street for all lifes luxuries.
  • Dunedin's complete shopping experience.
  • Wall Street where international and local fashions meet.

Wall Street Mall is just another great reason why you don't have to leave the place you love

to find the things you want.






















 Mall and

Car Park hours

 Monday to Thursday - 9am to 6pm

 Friday - 9am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 5pm

Public Holidays - 10am to 5pm















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